Why Seniors nowadays prefer to move to Senior Living Communities

Cheska Mullen | July 11, 2018 | 0 | Healthcare

Years ago, moving to senior living facilities are mainly because of sickness or the utmost need for care. This is simply no longer the case these days as senior communities, such as the Castle Hill aged care and the aged care facilities Glenhaven has, are offering innovative care and lifestyle support to more active seniors.

Castle Hill aged care

Major Reasons Seniors Like the Modern Aged Care

Other reasons these strong independent seniors choose such senior living communities are:

  • Much better food and nutrition enhancement programmes

There are numerous seniors who are accustomed to living alone and may not be eating right. At senior living facilities, just like Arcare Aged Care, residents don’t need to stress over shopping for food or meal preparations. Rather, they get the chance to experience fine dining and specialised meals each day of the week. Aged care facilities also offer foods which are made specifically for those with special diet needs. Normally, new residents who are eating poorly before they move to the community are given special diet plans to enhance their well-being.

  • No need to drive own vehicle

Because most seniors are no longer able to drive a vehicle due to some vision ailments or other physical challenges, most aged care homes, such as the Castle Hill aged care facilities, provide free transportation. However, they still allow those who still drive and provide parking spaces for them as well.

  • Safety and security

What’s great about senior living is that residents can rest well knowing that they are living in apartments or rooms equipped with security systems which are very useful during emergencies or during falls. Although there are seniors who want to live alone and think that senior communities may not be for everyone, it’s no doubt safer for them to live inside these communities than living alone away from their relatives.

  • Making new friends

Most seniors who live alone are prone to depression and isolation, which are a significant cause of other illnesses. Living in an aged care facility gives opportunities for making new friends. Even the elderly who are more introverted in nature can still appreciate having other seniors around whilst keeping their privacy.

  • Boost family relationships

Some elderly are dependent on their adult children or close relatives whilst living in their own homes. But most of the time, this scenario can strain relationships simply because of the stress they experience from juggling between working, taking care of the children, and taking care of them. Seniors and their families who choose to move to a senior community, like Castle Hill aged care facilities, are freed from those stressors.

  • No stressful chores

Keeping a home is already a burden for seniors living alone. Doing all the chores can make them prone to falls and accidents. Living in an aged care facility can save them all the trouble of housekeeping. However, some outdoor activities and recreational chores such as gardening, fishing, and some off-site activities are made available for enthusiasts to overcome boredom.

If you or one of your elderly relatives are living alone, letting them understand about the benefits of moving to a senior community or aged care is never too late. You can somehow move them to the nearest facility in your area. Simply search for “aged care near me” and look for the ones with the best feedback online. For more details, visit their website at: https://arcare.com.au/nsw-aged-care/arcare-glenhaven/

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