The Joy of Having Natural Lighting in Homes

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Let there be light—and make it natural. Australians get a lot of sunshine outside, but how about inside their homes? Natural light or Daylighting is a crucial element in Architecture. Whether it’s designing homes, commercial buildings to laboratories, incorporating natural light shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you’re in the Gold Coast where the sun is celebrated, you might have considered once to buy the skylights Gold Coast sells today, haven’t you?

Even to design professionals, lighting is a staple in any design. For architects like Duncan McLeod, natural lighting is the starting point of a design process. All the other design elements of a building get to play around only after natural lighting was adequately distributed.

Spatial elements that make light interesting

Double Height Windows and Spaces

Double Height has been a trend in Architecture for quite some time. Natural lighting is just one of the benefits of having a home with a high ceiling height. Double height windows mean you can do extensions in the future for let’s say, a loft or a bedroom on where the light falls. Natural lighting also brings volume to your home, even though it’s a micro-apartment that’s 25-30 sqm. If you have a small apartment, you should install voluminous Gold Coast skylights if you want to optimize the spaces.


In Solar Architecture, if you want natural light to fall on an atrium or any open, centralized space where people gather, you’d have to opt for Toplighting. It’s often used when designing museums and malls. If you have a spacious home and a large family in Gold Coast, a skylight is definitely the perfect addition to your home.

The best skylights Gold Coast has today can vary in styles. If you’re the type who likes natural light but doesn’t like it the traditional way, skylights in Gold Coast also come in molded roof flashing forms. This type of modern skylight eliminates the possibility of leaking without losing the touch of natural lighting. Another modern form of skylights Gold Coast has these days is a UV-resistant curved ceiling diffuser that brings natural light to your home stylishly.


If you want to maximize your basement or ground area, a lightwell would do the job. Lightwells differ from skylights Gold Coast has today in size. A lightwell is an external opening that allows light and air to enter the building. Sometimes, they’re lined with glazed bricks or steel frames to ease the harsh glare of sunlight.

Not that bright, but just right

Daylighting has many benefits. However, too much natural light can be bad for you, too. Poorly designed homes that don’t consider how light falls inside a home can endanger the occupants’ skin health. High peaks of sunshine bring UV rays that can damage your skin. Too much natural light can also make a room appear too glaring. Lastly, some shoes, bags, fixture, and furniture don’t work well when exposed to excessive natural light. Cracks start to form on their surfaces and their colours start to fade. When all of these happen, you wouldn’t want to resort to window tinting and blinds, would you?

For your health

Daylighting helps us stabilize our circadian rhythm—our body’s daily cycle of doing activities in our waking time and sleeping. We can also get vitamin D and fight bacteria when we’re exposed to natural light. Natural lighting reminds us that there’s a real, vivid world outside—ready for us to explore. Visit

The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.

— Le Corbusier

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