Top 8 Enticing Gifts for Pets and Kids

Cheska Mullen | September 16, 2018 | 0

You want to offer gallant gifts for your buddy’s pet and child. What could be the finest goodies? Is it savvy to provide their kitty with a cat grooming Canberra has now?

cat grooming canberra

Here are a few charming gift ideas we highly propose:

For the pets

Dog coats

Your friend’s tail-wagger will definitely enjoy several selected dog coats. Keep in mind: dog coats these days typically aren’t common kinds. These products have improved over time.

For instance, dog coats in Australia today can dry out as fast as under 18 minutes. They also fit snugly into a pooch’s body.

Luxury cat grooming

Meanwhile, if your buddy lives with a pet cat, why not take it to a luxurious cat grooming Canberra has now?

One engaging and worthy Canberra cat grooming service in Australia is Purr Cat Hotel’s. They’re a fine but cheap cattery feline owners really love.

The felines can enjoy and roam around their sophisticated facilities and chambers. They even have photography and boarding services.

Give the felines the magnificent cat grooming Canberra has now they deserve!

GPS Pet Tracker

For maximum pet security, get your pal’s pet a pet tracker. This allows them to monitor the site of their furry babies.

You can order a water-resistant, real-time tracker just like Findster. Findster comes along with a built-in radar. This shows the proximity between the owner and the fur babies. Other authorised people can also have access to it without extra charges.

Catit Wave Circuit Toy

Here’s a fun, engaging game a kitty will definitely go crazy about.

The Senses 2.0 Wave Circuit provides a ball that zips around a track. It is also BPA-free as well as uncomplicated to construct.

On top of those, its roller-coaster-like style can also be adjusted in a hundred+ designs!

For the kids

Mega Bloks

Toddlers can get their small hands getting the job done using Mega Bloks’ 60 multi-coloured blocks in numerous shapes.

These exciting, vibrant blocks are ideal for activating early childhood development. They even come with a free bag for uncomplicated storage.

Ant Farm

This game certainly never goes out of style! The Ant Farm Educational Kit (Free Ants with Queen) by Ant House is one engaging educational tool for children.

Users can gather colourful sands into the ants’ habitats, stimulating their spatial intellect. Of course, the little ones can use their personal styles.

Horse toys

It would be unlikely if your buddy’s children aren’t pet enthusiasts. So, a number of attractive, life-like horse toys are going to make them scream with joy!

You can try Schleich horse toys, say. These horse toys come in various breeds, like Lipizzaner Mare, Clydesdale Mare, and Morgan Horse Mare. It’s ideal for little ones 3 and above.

Roblox toys

Power up the imagination with Roblox toys! Roblox is a multiplayer online platform where children can craft their own online game.

The Roblox toys are valuables kids and parents really love. They are action figures anyone can make use of for imaginative narration and even film or digital photography.

Roblox toys can be found in celebrity mystery figures or legends series.

Final thoughts

These are the best gifts for any pet or kid. Don’t sacrifice quality for the price. If you’re especially excited to try out the cat grooming in Canberra, you don’t have to search far.

You can get the best cat grooming Canberra wide from Purr Cat Hotel. They even have limousines, if you’re feeling extravagant.

Visit them today at

5 Great Health Benefits Dog Walking Has For…

Cheska Mullen | August 7, 2018 | 0

More than 50 percent of pet owners are known to neglect their dog’s basic needs such as walking and playing. With more than 4.8 million dogs across Australia, that means millions of dogs could now be suffering from heart disease, obesity, and a lot more. That is why Brisbane dog walking is the best practical solution every pet parent could have.

Leading busy lives may be a precursor to neglecting pets. However, you should know that there are numerous health benefits to walking your canine companion. Even if it is not you who is doing the walking, you can always get professionals to do it for you. This will ensure that your pup is getting enough activity and exercise to maintain a normal weight.

With just by walking for 30 minutes thrice a week, you can improve your dog’s overall. So do not let your beloved canine suffer from the effects of inactivity. Learn more about the benefits to Brisbane dog walking below.

1. Improves socialisation

Taking your dog out for walks is a great way to let it discover its world beyond the four corners of your flat. As you bring your canine outside, you get to expose it to a variety of smells and sights, allowing it to develop socially. Furthermore, walks allow your dog to meet other pets too. Now isn’t that great?

2. Controls weight

Obesity is a leading cause of diseases in most dogs. Approximately 40 percent of canines are reported to be obese. This means their body mass is more than 20 percent the normal. However, the solution to this problem is quite simple. The dog walking services Gold Coast has been offering will prepare a routine for your pet. Cardio training, anyone?

3. Enhances physical strength

Not only do walks help regulate a dog’s weight, these can also help in strengthening its entire frame. Dogs are agile and active creatures. They require constant activities, especially whilst they are young. However, with the current laidback lifestyle in most homes, pets have become unhealthy and fidgety. Therefore, eliminate bad behaviour and start letting your dog out for walks with dog walkers on the Gold Coast.

4. Promotes good mental health

As your dog meets new faces and experience new sights and sounds. The brain is stimulated thus enhancing brain development, especially for puppies. This means that Brisbane dog walking can potentially improve a dog’s mental health.

5. Reduces loneliness

Speaking of mental health, do you know that dogs can become depressed and lonely too? Canines are technically social creatures. Therefore, they must always be around their pack always. However, if you leave your dog alone for much of the day, this can affect it mentally and behaviourally.

Taking canines for a walk could either be your way of giving back to the community or a way of living. Nonetheless, this allows dogs to experience a fun-filled life. If are looking for dog walker jobs, check out agencies such as Spot the Dog Walk for training and opportunities.

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