Rabbits for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits please do some research about rabbits as pets to be sure a rabbit will be the right match for your family. If you think a rabbit is right for you please fill out our Adoption Application. Thank you!

A Home is not Complete without the Pitter-Patter of Little Bunny Feet

Please Note: The age listed for each rabbit is when that rabbit arrives in our care. Please check the arrived date to calculate the correct age for that rabbit to date. To view each individual profile click the thumbnails below. Transportation can usually be arranged to approved homes!


ADOPTED babybunny5Razzle RhondaRhonda BrookeAdoption Pending
kingston7474ADOPTED sadie555Adoption Pending photoADOPTED

Snicklefritz (21)Snicklefritz




Cinnabun (5)  Cinnabun


Adoption Pending

 Gobo (4)Gobo Mokey (1)Mokey RouRou
PoppyPoppy PeonyPeony IMG_9258Elsa BooberBoober
Elvis Parsley (2)Adoption Pending Forest (2)Forest Harley (3)Harley Strawberry (1)Strawberry